L89 gps not response

  1. I am trying to update gps frequency 10sec and my command given below

But problem is no response from gps . I tried with QCOM, Herculex, Teseo with 9600 baudrate.
GPS data continuously coming UART in 1Hz frequency.

  1. I want to this module in i2C mode so not able to fire other command

kindly help me

1.Is there any return information after sending these commands? For example, sending “$PSTMCFGTDATA,1964,3443,10,00000012*14”, if the configuration is successful, it will return “$PSTMCFGTDATAOK”.
Please provide the picture of the module and the version information when the module is powered on.

2.Please refer to the attached document for the use of I2C.
Quectel_L89_I2C_Application_Note_V1.0_Preliminary_20200829.pdf (412.4 KB)

The document mention about the “PSTMSETPAR” which is not available in the current L89 GNSS Protocol Specification document. any updated document is available please share it?

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The document does not have a special description of PSTMSETPAR, but it can be configured according to actual examples.

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@Stone.Chen-Q Thank you for the information. I am able to configure the L89 GPS to send NMEA data via i2c using the commands mentioned in the application note. Can you please share us the commands to send the NMEA data via UART when it is in i2c mode. The L89 Protocol specification document donesnt talk about lot of command like how to configure Baudrate and Update rate commands, could you please share us the updated protocol specification document.

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To configure the baud rate and update rate, refer to the chapters “2.3.23. $PSTMCFGPORT” and “2.3.24. $PSTMCFGTDATA” of the attached protocol document respectively.

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Quectel_L89_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V1.2.pdf (710.5 KB)

@Stone.Chen-Q Thanks for sharing the updated document. We have tested and it works like a charm. Could you also share the command sequence to switch back the NMEA output to UART from I2C.

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This command restores the factory default settings:$PSTMRESTOREPAR

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