L76-LB firmware files - documentation

At our company, we included the L76-LB GNSS module in one of our designs. Our provider gave us two options for firmware: L76LBNR03A01S_GLN (GPS + GLONASS) and L76LBNR03A01S (GPS + Beidu). According to the Quectel support team, none of these versions support I2C communication which we need, but L76LBNR03A02SC supports it. In the documentation I have (Quectel_L76-LB_╚Ý╝■░µ▒¥▒õ©³╦Á├¸_V0302SC.pdf in Chinese, provided by the Quectel support team) there’s nothing related to the positioning technology supported by this firmware version (GPS + ?). Could anyone please tell me where I can find more detailed information about the L76LBNR03A02SC firmware version and the firmware updating procedure?

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Please check the attachments, thanks!
L76LBNR03A02SC.zip (462.3 KB)
FlashTool_exe_v4.1.0.zip (1.1 MB)

@Albert.Liu-Q Thank you for the files, however, what I’d like to know is the positioning technologies that the L76LBNR03A02SC firmware version supports. GPS + ?

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The mode can be set by $PMTK353 statement, please check the attached protocol manual, thank you!
Quectel_L76_Series_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V3.3.pdf (947.9 KB)