How to enable diag port in QXDM

We’re using a Qualcomm SDX55 solution of Quectel and want to use QXDM to check real-time information.
So far we can only create specific port in the QPST (e.g. com40001) but QXDM can’t detect the com port.
Can you share how to connect the com40001 in QXDM?

Dear Hugo,
Do you have QXDM license? If yes, please refer to the attached QXDM user guide. ThanksQXDM log user guide.pdf|attachment (353.7 KB)

Hi Peter,
I can’t download the attachment…

QXDM log user guide.pdf (353.7 KB)
send again~

Hi Peter,

Is that possible to detect in QXDM via IP connection?
My Com40001 is created through TCP sessions.

Dear Hugo,
Please refer to the attached file.ThanksQuectel ql-tty2tcp Linux_Android qxdm log_V1.0_20170815.pdf|attachment (577.7 KB)

Quectel ql-tty2tcp Linux_Android qxdm log_V1.0_20170815.pdf (577.7 KB)

Can I get ql-tty2tcp.c source code to compile for the procedure mentioned above?

How / where can I get access to the ql-tty2tcp tool?