Help connecting LG69T AD EVB to QGNSS V1.8


I have at my desk the LG69T-EVB_V1.5 board and I have also downloaded QGNSS V1.8. I’ve installed Virtual COM port drivers from and see both an Enhanced and Standard COM ports when I attach the device.

Per standard guide, I select 115200 baudrate for “AD” variant with 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.

Upon connection, I do not see any data present in the “Data Dock”:

The “Unparsed data” window shows what appears to be period messages, but with a strange format. This is probably not correct.


The indicator LEDs are in the following state:

D109: solid ON red, solid ON green
D310: solid ON red, OFF green
D309: flashing red, OFF green

Connecting with QCOM_V1.6 showcases this data stream:

I would like to how how to properly connect with QGNSS. Which guide can I follow to ensure I am properly communicating with the module?

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Hi Jason1,

LG69T series default baudrate is 460800.

If you see data update in the Uparsed data window, that means module have output. You can open Binary data window and Message View window to see binary data decoding.

This document can help you quickly access to QGNSS tool.
Guide on Capturing GNSS Module Log on L-Series V1.0.pdf (1.3 MB)
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Thank you Raphael-Q, that was indeed my error. I had programmed the wrong baudrate and 406800 is the correct version. I am receiving data as I expect now.

fyi - in Quectel_LG69T(AA,AD)_EVB_User_Guide_V1.0.0_Peliminary_20210916.pdf, on pdf page 20, “Step 3” says "Start the QGNSS, and click “Setting” and “Serial Port Configuration” (the LG69T (AA) module
supports 460800 bps and LG69T (AD) module supports 115200 bps by default), as shown in the
figure below." In a future version, this should be corrected.

Thank you again for your prompt support :smiley:

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Hi Jason1,

Thank you for your correction. We will correct it in the next EVB User Guide.

Due to LG69TAD 10hz output rate, 460800 bps has better data stream stability. Please confirm your firmware version by pressing RESET button. And you will see firmware version in Message view window.

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Per your instructions, please find an image capture below:

Hi Jason1,

For now, LG69TADNR11A01_ASG is the latest firmware for LG69TAD. It’s default setting is shown below.

Best regards.

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