GPS does not work on EG25-G


I’m trying to obtain GPS location on the EG25-G. I have used the following antenna - LTE Main & Diversity & GNSS Triple Port u.FL Antenna - 100mm - Sixfab.
The LTE stuff works as expected. However, I keep getting the CME Error +516. Here is a screenshot of the module output. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello, it may be that your current version does not support it, I will send you the latest firmware by email, please check

Hello Felix,

Thanks for the help. I took the modem out to open skies and was able to obtain a GPS lock. However, I would like to improve the functionality using GNSS. But whenever I upload and try to flash xtra2.bin and change the time to syn the new file. The GNSS still reads the file from the 1990s.

Is there a script for uploading and flashing new GNSS data properly? I would assume that once flashed, the GNSS data binary does not revert to the old one on reset.

Thank you!

Hi Felix, can you send the latest firmware for the EG25-G to me also?

Thanks in advance.