Firmware Request: LC29HEA Adjustable Update Rate for Ardupilot Utilization

Hi team!

There is some interest in your GNSS modules over at the Ardupilot forums, especially the LC29HEA, since it seems to be a low-price option for RTK GPS. However, having a fixed update rate of 10Hz might be problematic in Ardupilot drones as this is the upper limit that often results in bad data. 5Hz is usually considered the optimum.

Is it possible for you to release a firmware with adjustable (or fixed at 5Hz) update rate? I’m sure this could be linked in the Ardupilot forums or even in the official documentation and might make your LC29HEA module a great low-cost alternative for RTK GPS.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Oliver, Quectel_LC29H(EA)_RSA_Firmware_Release_Notes_V1103S.pdf says added 1,2 and 5hz.

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Oh that’s awesome, thanks a ton! I was only going off the official hardware specification docs. Do you know if all LC29HEA modules are shipped with this firmware or above installed, and if not, can you point me to where it can be downloaded? On the official download section I only find flashing tools etc.

Thanks again!

Of course, usually you can make a request on this forum…if They do not respond I will send nevertheless.

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Thanks again, I’ll open a new post asking specifically for the latest FW :slight_smile:

To operate the reset command (for the fw upgrade) on Mozihao boards, you need to ground pin_8 manually only for few seconds until qgnss_flash_tool_upgrade says ok, as the RST_ttl pin is not connected,I used the probe tester.

I add these useful commands for module debugging:
$PAIR003*39 disable gnss so output in terminal is blanc for read only command response
$PAIR002*38 enable gnss
I use sscom with a partial english translatet gui: 445.5 KB folder on MEGA or
as have difficult to send commands by Qgnss.
Other useful information : Configuring the Quectel LC29HEA receiver for real-time RTK solutions – rtklibexplorer

10 Hz = 100 ms 2 Hz = 500 ms 5 Hz = 200 ms 1 Hz = 1000 ms

$PQTMCFGFIXRATE,R*71     Queries the setting of current FIXRATE
$PAIR513*3D  & $PQTMSAVEPAR*5A  save parameters
$PQTMRESTOREPAR*13  restore default

$PAIR432,1*22 set RTCM3.x output with type MSM7 $PAIR432,* -1 rtcm_dis , 0 rtcm_4, 1 rtcm_7
$PAIR433*3E Queries the setting of rtcm_MSM current ouput
$PAIR051*3E Queries the setting of $PAIR050,<Time>*<<Checksum>
$PAIR864,<Port_Type>,<Port_Index>,<Baudrate>*CS<CR><LF> i.e 115200, 230400, 460800, 921600, 3000000
$PAIR865,0,0*31 Queries the baud of uart_port and response.


Thanks so much, really appreciate all the help! I’ll keep you updated once my module arrives :slight_smile:

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