Firmware for NR500-EA

Hi Do you have updated firmware for “RG500UEAABxCOMSLICv3.2.2543.12.18”

i have from admin RG500U-EA-AB_Firmware_Release_Notes_V0304_01.001.01.001 but im not sure if working well i dont try because i have to back up old firmware

Dear @Black_Parade
Actually, I don’t know your current firmware.

Dear @Marktzy
Why did you want to back to old firmware?

I bought that router 5G CPE NR500-EA online in shopee philippines and seller send me and my software version of router is RG500UEAABxCOMSLICv3.2.2543.12.18
what happen that my firmware not recognize

i want back to old because a lot issue of RG500U-EA MODEM its bug what happen to that product

can i update my firmware from RG500UEAABxCOMSLICv3.2.2543.12.18 to RG500UEAABR03A04M4G_01.001.01.001 without issue to update my firmware

please send me
USB Driver:Quectel_Windows_USB_Driver(U)_For_ECM_RNDIS_V1.0.13
QFLASH Tool:QFlash_V6.5
i need this to flash firmware my version is
thankyou very much

Dear @Marktzy
Actually, I don’t know this detailed firmware name, it is hard to say if it can upgrade or not.
The latest firnware is RG500UEAABR03A04M4G_01.001.01.001

Dear @Marktzy
Please check your Message inbox.

For windows driver and flash tool, you can download from Quectel website.

hello its safe to upgrade from RG500UEAABR02A01M2G to RG500UEAABR03A04M4G
or remain old version…someone upgrade but its problem of new release software