EP06-E problem Windows and Mikrotik

I bought the EP06-E module, unfortunately after installation under Windows I can only see in Com & LPT

Quecyel QDloader 9008 COM3

under Mikrotik
0 1-0 Linux 3.3.5 ehci_hcd RB400 EHCI 480
1 1-1 Qualcomm CDMA Technolo … QUSB__BULK 480

What can I do with it so that widndows and Mikrotik see this card?

Dear Arni,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your issue, it is better to install the USE driver on Windows or Linux system, then you can see the right port. Thanks!
For Windows, you can install the following program.

For Linux, you can follow up the following document to modify your kernel code to support EP06 module. Thanks!
Quectel_WCDMA&LTE_Linux_USB_Driver_User_Guide_V1.8.pdf (1.1 MB)

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For Windows, you can install the following program.


Can I also ask for the latest firmware and program to upload it?

Please try this link. Thanks!
About the latest firmware, please email to support@quectel.com to get it. Thanks!

Unfortunately, this link doesn’t work 403 FORBIDDEN ?

You can check whether your network have any limit, or you can change another browser to have a try. The link is normal, have no any problem. Thanks!

hank you after changing your browser crome to IE, I have already checked these drivers

However, I have a problem with this modem in windows modem with the driver you send identifies itself as and unfortunately I can not use it or write AT commands in the attachment drawings.

What is strange the modem shows up as Qualcom 9008 and not Quectel EP06 - why?

The strange driver shows 0x05c6 and 0x9008

Can you write to me or do I have to upload some firmweare? If so, which instructions should I upload?

Maybe a wrong module was sent to me

Dear Arni,
Please make sure you use the right bottom board matched with EP06 module or the right EVB to test it.
It is abnormal that you just can see Qualcom 9008 port not AT, DM, NMEA port. So please double check whether the module have power on normally.
If possible, please take a video about your test environment which include the whole board connection, then we can help you solve your issue.
Of course, you can send email to support@quectel.com to get technical support from our local FAE. Thanks!

My tile

no EVB, currently the card behaves like a movie w poniższym poscie


Dear Arni,
Thanks for your updating.
The video shows that the USB port always to enumerate, it may be caused by the hardware connection or software setting. So please confirm whether the hardware connection is normal, you can change another USB port of your PC, or change USB cable to have a try. For software, please email to support@quectel.com to get the latest firmware and upgrade it to have a try. Thanks!


Thank you for the answer, the card has been checked in the adapter, the internal wwan connector of another computer and the Mikrotik device is the same in all, the message to support @ quectel I sent I received many questions:

  • Company name / Phone Number:

  • R&D location:

  • Project name (so we can refer to it in the future):

  • Application type:

  • Estimated Annual Units (for series production):

  • Project timeline:

  • Current status:

  • From which distributor do you buy Quectel modules & EVB kits?

  • Do you have EVB kit for this application?

I was even redirected to Mr. Tomasz from the Polish branch but NOBODY FROM THIS SECTION IS HELP - despite the fact that it is a support department

I bought this card privately and I have a problem, in which case I can’t count on help?

Dear Arni,
If that, please check the bottom board. The following is our EVB board user guide matched with EP06 module, you can have a look. Thanks!

Quectel_EPXX_EVB_User_Guide_V1.0.pdf (1.6 MB)


I suppose the software has downloaded badly, can your EPXX EVB module remove the wrong firmware and upload a new one or do I need to look for another device? Or maybe I can do it some other way I will add that Qflash can’t see the card now


I have a question, can you reset this module without having an EVB for EPP?
Note: I can’t do this with AT commands because I can’t see the module?

Dear Arni,
If you want to re-flash the module firmware, it must be use USB DM port. If you want to reset the module, it is also need to use the right bottom board matched with EP06 module. Now, the best method is to confirm where is the different between EPXX EVB board with the bottom board you used, and change the difference.Thanks!


Do you have any service in Poland that can do it for me? The cost of purchasing the EVB exceeds the cost of purchasing the module


Yes, you can email to support@quectel.com to get support from local FAE. Thanks!