EM160R-GL Latest Firmware update

Hello please can i have the latest firmware update for my EM160R-GL? Now i have the 07 fw version. i need it Thanks

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Can I use the ATI command to query the current specific software version number.

Hello the fw version is EM160RGLAUR02A07M4G
Thanks for your answer

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
I upload the latest firmware package to Baidu Cloud, and then you can get it on Baidu Cloud.
Extraction code:jrrn

Quectel_EM160R-GL-AU_Firmware_Release_Notes_V0208_01.001.01.001.pdf (859.0 KB)
It would seem that there is a new firmware updated and that solves the bug servingcell, where you can find an original copy?
The technical support service does not provide it to me because I am a private person.

Здравствуйте а где можно скачать последние обновления для модулей EM160R и EP06 ?

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Please provide your current version of EM120 and EP06, because EM120 and EP06 have different models,thanks.

Здравствуйте на моем EM160R-GL стоит прошивка EM160RGLAUR02A06M4G .
Про ЕР06 сейчас не могу точно сказать . Он находится на работе. Туда я в ближайшие несколько дней к сожалению не попаду. Поэтому если не сложно пришлите ссылку на последние прошивки этих модемов.

  • Quectel why don’t you make em160 modem updates public (every time you have to beg for the latest version).

  • What is the latest firmware version for em160 and where can I find it?

  • Where can I find the software QFirehose 1.4.9 or higher if it exists to update the modem?

The last one I remember is the EM160RGLAUR02A10M4G_01.001.01.001 which if I’m not mistaken I had seen it towards the end of December 2022 then I don’t know if others have come out in the meantime.

I request for latest em160rgl firmware. Pls send roddel007@gmail.com. thank you

I reallly need new firmware, my last version is EM160RGLAUR02A09M4G.

link is dead, please re-upload

Hello, I also need the latest firmware for EM160R-GL please.


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OK, thank-you! Much apppreciated.

The last version I saw was EM160RGLAUR02A10M4G


With this firmware EM160RGLAUR02A10M4G sometimes I have Ite1 mbim: error: wdm send failed: 19 in my mikrotik 7.11.2 os version. Any updates or i need to use old fw?

My experience using version 10 is im getting bad carrier aggregation. Only 2 bands. So i switched back to 09.

Also qmi is stable than mbim

Hi All,
@Kerr.Yang-Q Please send me link to the latest FW. (rafalmail@int.pl)