I need access to the latest firmware for EM160R-GL, please. Thank you!

The following is the latest firmware of EM160RGLAU and AP. Please choose the firmware to upgrade according to your current actual module. Thank you.



on the em160 module i have the firmware EM160RGLAUR02A05M4G to upgrade to the 'latest version i have to upgrade all the intermediate ?

what is the latest version (…A011) ? and can you provide it ?

and what is the latest version of Qfirehose for linux ? and can you provide it ?

thanks.PS: I contacted the technical service that sent me here.

I tried upgrading with the A10. It works fine but disconnects after some hours. Also, it aggregates only 2 bands most of the time which sucks.

So i flashed it back to A09 which was more stable and aggregates at least 3 bands. I can now see 1-3-41 instead of only 3-3 before.