Em160 firmware update

Email sent to direct message

I got an e-mail, but no link to FW?

Could it be possible to send me the firmware too ?
I have version EM160RGLAUR02A07M4G which I would like to upate.
My email address (which is also registered for OneDrive) is: lune245827@gmail.com
Thanks in advance !

Hello. I would like a copy of the firmware as well, please. I am using a beta firmware that seems to have problems connecting with AT&T. I use Microsoft Onedrive.

Revision: EM160RGLAUR02A07M4G_BETA0923

Thank you,

Hello, perhaps the new update version is EM160RGLAUR02A09M4G. perhaps my address wasiya26@outlook.com . thank you

Hi @Kerr.Yang-Q

could you please send me a link to the firmware also.


Could it be possible to send me the firmware too ?
I have version EM160RGLAUR02A07M4G which I would like to upate.
My email address (which is also registered for OneDrive) is: (mailto: encode.cccp@gmail.com)
Thanks in advance !

Hello. I am the new firmware version, please. I use Microsoft Onedrive.
EM160R-GL Version
Email Address abaxtimov5@gmail.com
Thank you,

Hello Yang, I have the premium account and am looking for FIrmware EM160RGLAPR02A09M4G obviously for the EM160R-gl, I also could use the FW for the Em120 also. Maybe not allowed on this topic. I emailed support and I have all the download options although I don’t have firmware support. Please get back if you are so kind to do so! Thanks, I’m sure April Lang will get back soon, it’s just that I’m trying to get this gateway back up for my client!

Hello, I want to make sure my original request isn’t lost. I still have not received a download link for the firmware. I cannot use the Baidu service. Is there an ftp site or onedrive link you can share? Thanks!

I need the new firmware also. Thanks accessmgnt@msn.com

It’s been 18 days since my request… and nothing yet :frowning:

Has anyone received this updated file yet?

I already have it, but not thanks to Quectel.

Honestly Quectel Moderators and Quectel themselves act as if we were being done a favor for buying their modems. I say its the other way around, they should be glad we buy their products, and should be helpful in many ways that include the new Firmware Updates access.

I would not be surprised that they start losing sales over such unfriendly and uncooperative services. How are we supposed to become a sales affiliate if we have to purchase a modem from a 3rd party and then have no access to documents and firmware updates for better testing Quectel products.

I will understand if this post gets removed, would mean that Quectel cannot accept a good constructive review.


HI all

here is it, for me it working ~24h without any disconnection or error

i hope it solves your problems too.


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Thank you for your feedback Cony

May I ask you a link to the Windows driver for the EM160R (need it to upgrade the firmware, I don’t know how to do it under linux)

Thank you!

Here you go. everything what you need to flash EM160 windows driver included


@ Cony & jfrog

Thank you!

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Great! Thanks !
After a long wait, someone sent me the EM160RGLAUR02A09M4G_01.001.01.001 firmware and I just updated my modem under Windows.
For those who have Windows, I hope this procedure helps and avoids loosing time:

  1. Connect Modem to a PC USB port.
  2. Go to Device Manager and under Modems find the Quectel module on “DM” USB port (ex- USB9). Note: Update failed for me when choosing the “AT” USB port.
  3. Launch QFlash_Vx.y tool (I used v5.1)
  4. Select the port found on 2) and set speed to 460800 (maybe it works at a higher speed?)
  5. Click on “Load FW files” and browse the “\update\firehose” folder (ex- EM160RGLAUR02A09M4G_01.001.01.001\update\firehose)
  6. Select any .mbn file and click the “Open” button
  7. A List of files (automatically chosen?) are displayed as files to be downloaded to the modem
  8. Finally, Click on “Start”
  9. Once the update finished, Windows displays a new Quectel USB port (?), and on my case I had to Restart Windows to gain access to the “AT” USB port.
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