EM120R-GL eFuse

Hello Quactel Team,

We are working on the bring-up of the EM120R-GL module and we like the interface EM120R-GL over the PCIe.
However, in datasheet mention that
“USB is the default communication interface between the module and the host”.
“EM120R-GL and EM160R-GL can also be reprogrammed to PCIe mode based on eFuse. If the
communication is switched to PCIe mode by burnt eFuse, the communication cannot be switched back to
USB mode”

Could you please provide the step to burn eFuse so that the communication interface switches from USB to PICe?

Vaibhav Kundaiya

I am terriblly sorry, it is not open for customers.
If you would like to use the pcie only module, please contact the PM or sales.

You don’t need to program the eFuse in order to switch to pcie mode. You can just use the AT command at+qcfg=“data_interface”,1,1 in order to switch the at command port and the network interface to pcie as described in the document “EG512R&EM1x0R Series AT Commands Manual”

The setting will become persistent after a reboot with at+cfun=1,1, but of course it can still be reversed by at command over the pcie bus. Maybe this could be good enough?


It’s not working by setting


PCIe efuse version is not the same with module with at+qcfg=“data_interface”,1,1