EC25-V: Latest fimware?

What is latest firmware ? I have multiple EC25-V running EC25AFAR05A04M4G, having problems to connect to Verizon. Modems installed in openwrt devices.

Hi, The latest firmware is EC25AFAR05A08M4G,if you need,please give your e-mail,and i will send it to you.

Sorry, I made a mistake in org posting. I mixed up the firmwares for the various EC25-types. Our problems actually only concern Verizon.
We have EC25-V running firmwares

Which is the newest firmware version for the EC25-V ? Can you provide a modification history, in case we are not up to date, to check for possible fixes of our issues ? Not very convenient, to update the remotely installed devices without good reason.

Please see my thread. EC25 MQTT URC Unstable Issues

Hi i check the latest firmware is you used right now.