EC25-E bridge between mobile network and usb

It seems EC25-E is not able to bridge between mobile network and usb.

Best case would be that at least ECM protocol could be bridged but RNDIS would be ok for now although Linux mainline kernel plans to drop support for it.

How about adding AT command which dsables modems dhcp clients, dhcp server and maybe other services which depend on those and just bridge mobile interface and usb together?

Does someone know if firmware by default has support for bridges, ip link help or brctl commands might tell me how hard this would be to fix modifying it?

Local network operators offer public ipv6 subnet and as a special service public ipv4 address, by default everything ipv4 is allready NATed on their end and this is not good if public addresses jam into modem.

Do any other of Quectel 4G/5G modems offer this kind of functionality?

See EG95, RNDIS bridge mode and how to change apn - #6 by jfrog

Thanks, I have read that earlier but I don’t have adb access to the device because lack of password and if IPPassthrough would do this, config options needed aren’t very clear.

I have made some further tests, compared to USB modem I have which is able to bridge, EC25-E performance is much better but it seems to crash after longer sustained maximum speed transfers.

So it seems I need an alternative even if EC25-E could bridge.

Could QuecOpen be used to customize modem firmware in a such way that unnecessary services could be removed to decrease load maybe improving stability?

Those data subscription SIM-cards can’t even send/receive calls/SMS so just something simple and stable would be preferred.

Modem stability issue seems to have been power supply issue, would it be possible to get a password against quectel-ID so I could take a look to maybe get that bridge?