EC21 Update firmware

Is the latest version for EC21 anyone?

Hello there
EC21-E latest version is EC21EFAR06A05M4G, I have send the FW via email, please check your email.

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I need fv ec21-e

Hello Pawel_Andrzejuk
You can execute ATI command query the current version of your module and update on this topic, i will mail you the later version, thank you.

Can you help me solve the problem?

Hello there
I have reply the topic, please check it, thank you.

can i get the latest version of firmware for EC21-E
my current version is EC21EFAR02A06M4G

Can you also send the latest EC21 firmware to me via email?
I would need it for both models:

Thanks in advance.


We’re using the EC21-A modem and looking for the most recent version of Quectel firmware to debug some issues that we’re having with our hardware. The modules we’re using currently have firmware version EC21AFAR05A07M4G.

Can you share the latest version of firmware with us? Is the forums the only place to find this information?

cc @Bean.Wang-Q


Please take a picture of the EC21, and show the IMEI on it.

IMEI is 869260040057028

ati Quectel EC21 Revision: EC21AFAR05A05M4G

Thanks @Bean.Wang-Q

EC21AFAR05A07M4G_30.001.30.001 is the lastest version.
I will send it by email.

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