EC21 Update firmware

I have an ec21-eux. version EC21EFAR06A05M4G. Could i have the fw upgrade as I am having trouble with the device. I am also unable to connect to uart as I do not have the password

no fw upgrade available?

I would like to receive the latest firmware for EC21-KL
My current firmware version is EC21KLFAR06A02M4G_SK


Could anyone indicate which is the latest FW for EC21-EC?

Which EC21-EC you are using?
Could you provide the firmware version the EC21-EC you are using ?
Or could you provide the photo of the EC21?

Already Sent.

The new firmware version cannot be downgraded to previous versions, otherwise
the module will not be able to work normally.

is the firmware you sent compatible with the module?

It’s of no problem to upgrade to the lastest version. but you cannot downgraded to previous versions.

I neeed firmware update for EC21EFAR06A01M4G

I need firmware update for those modules.
Could you also tell me how to tell which version is newer? (e.g., 21AUG, 21EUG…)

FW Version IMEI
EC21AUGCR06A03M1G 86--------00862
EC21EUGAR06A03M4G 86--------69685
EC21AUGCR06A02M1G 86--------48964

I neeed firmware update for EC21EFAR06A01M4G it is hard to answer it?

Hi @Bean.Wang-Q ,

Currently, I am using EC21 AUX for testing, can you share the latest fw?

Revision: EC21AUXGAR08A05M1G

Many thanks.



I have problems updating EC21 FW from Windows 10.

We have some devices with FW:

I need the correct tool to download the FW. I already found different tool however I am not sure if I have the right one.

I also need the latest FW in the correct format for the download.

Can you help me with that?


can you share a fimware with me of EC21-A
my Gmail adress is

can you also send me new fimware of EC21-A
my email id is jaanjaanshersher@gmail,com
please send it bro

What’s the current firmware version?

Could you send me the last firmware for the EC21EFAR06A04M4G please ?
We buy EC21EFA and EC25EFA to integrate in our products. How can I know when there is new firmware ?
So could you also send me the firmware for EC25EFA please ?
And how to upgrade under linux ?

For the lastest firmware version.the customer could only ask the the Quectel.
Yes it is not good.

The lastest firmware version is
And I will send it to you.
Please read the release note first before you try to flash it.