EC21 Drivers for Raspberry Pi CM4, Linux version 5.15.76-v8

Hi, I have, which comes from, but this driver seems not fit to kernel 5.15.*-v8

And I also read following links,

So, If there is a driver that fits 5.15.*, can I have it? Thanks.

EC21 is supported by the native Linux 5.15 driver(s).

Thanks for your quick reply.

EC21 is supported by the native Linux 5.15 driver(s).

Is that mean both of following native supports EC21?,

  • usb/serial/usb_wwan
  • usb/serial/option

And don’t we need qmi_wwan_q.c any more?

That’s correct, until you need some specific function available in the Quectel driver.
You may have other options available besides QMI, like ECM and MBIM.

So it looks like I have a Linux-specific problem with my raspberry pi cm4 built with buildroot.

I guess I need to investigate further.

I really appreciate your quick response. Thank you very much.

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Finally, I was able to use the EC-21 with a non Raspberry Pi OS, Buildroot Linux.
It was because the value of linux kernel config was different from that of Raspberry Pi OS.