EC200U with M2M Data SIM AT Commands Flow - PPP Mode


I am trying to establish connection of external MCU with EC200U-CN.
I have got M2M Data sim with me which means I will have to establish ‘PPP’ mode to transfer data instead of normal AT - GPRS commands flow.

Can you please guide me with the M2M sim activation and PPP mode working from start till end so that I can start communicating with the server through MQTT pub sub.


Can you give me your e-mail and i will send you the PPP user guide.

kindly send here:

Hi i send the ppp user gider to you,pls chk.

HI Iyman-Q, can you share me the PPP user guide with me too? My mail id is -

Hi @Hari
Send to you ,pls chk.

Received Iyman-Q. Thanks

Hi @Athulraj_D_R
Send to you,please check.

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I got your mail. Thank you.

Can you please share EC200U PPP user guide. My mail ID is


Pls send me lasted firmware for EC200U-CNAA.
We have about 30pcs stuck at firmware version A01 - it not support PPP conmection.
My email
Thank you!

Hi @Linh_Bui
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Thank lyman-Q I got firmware

could you share me the script code, my mail id -

send me the same please im using m2m sim with ec200u ic please tell me how to configure the
sim with ic
mail id -

I am also using M2M sim with EC200U module, can you share the PPP user guide with me too?
My mail is is-