EC 20 in UMTS&LTE EVB same response

Hi, ive been trying to send commands to EC20 board on UMTS&LTE EVB, but all I get in response is
[2022-05-01_19:03:57:896] DCD:0 CTS:0 RI:0
[2022-05-01_19:03:57:897] DCD:0 CTS:1 RI:0

I suspect the board is not actually receiving information from the PC (win 10, via USB to UART converter), but no idea where to go form here.
Power, Status, NET_MODE LEDS are on, Sleep is off, NET_STA flickers(long on, short off).
Any help is appreciated.

UMTS&LTE-EVB_SCH_V2.2.pdf (303.3 KB)
Provide SCH corresponding to UMTS & LTE EVB, hope to help you