Driver RM502Q-AE for Jetson AGX Orin

Hello everyone,
I am working with module Quectel RM502Q-AE in Jetson AGX Orin, which uses:
Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
NVIDIA Jetson Linux 35.4.1
Jetpack 5.10
Did anyone have the driver of RM502Q-AE supports Jetpack 5.10. And how to config this driver. (need to modify kernel or not…?).
Thank you very much, all!

I am sure the default driver already support the Quectel RM502Q.
No need to modify anthing

Thank you for your answer. And I am wondering:

  1. If we connect to the Internet (commercial SIM card), how can we activate the connection to the Internet.
    How we can the IP address of the SIM card?
  2. If we use the private 5G network, how can we easily config and get the IP address.
    Thank you in advanced

You could try the ModemManager which is already built in on Ubuntu, if it does not work, please try the Quectel QconnectManager(quectel-CM) to set up data call.
What you need to do with the quectel-CM:

  1. Configure the modem with the right APN with AT command
  2. Start the quectel-CM