Driver and Firmware EC200A-EU

Hello everyone

Need a driver and firmware EC200A-EU
Windows 10-11




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I will sent it, please check the message.

I have a similar problem with this module. Suggest a solution?

Please send me latest firmware and driver via email, thanks!

Hi everybody!

I need driver and firmware for EC200A-EU (EC200AEUHA-N08-8NASA).


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Dear support, please send me Win10 drivers and latest firmware for EC200A-EU

For driver,I will send it over message.

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Thank you I’ve got the driver and managed to connect to the “EC200A” but one of the features, in device Manager, is still has the warning sign (yellow triangle) - “Mobile ECM Network Adapter”.
My actual firmware is “EC200AEUHAR01A10M16”. This is the last one?

I have sent you the

i need driver for EC200A-EU.
Please send it to me. Thanks!

What’s the current firmware version is?

This is my FW version.

I will send you the EC200AEUHAR01A22M16_01.200.01.200

i need driver for EC200A-EU.
Can you help me please. Thanks in advance!