Does my EG915U module support VoLTE?


I saw in documentation that VoLTE is optional for EG915U module.
I also in another topic that IMS is not supported for EG915U.

So does my module support VoLTE ? or how can I know if it supports VoLTE ?
The module I’m testing has firmware revision number : EG915UEUABR02A04M08

Is there an equivalent command to “AT+QMBNCFG” (it seems that this command does not exist for EG915U) ?

Is there an AT command to know whether my SIM supports VoLTE ?

Thank you.

EG915 supports volte. The command “AT+QMBNCFG” is also supported. The command “AT+QCFG=” ims "enables ims and volte.
Thank you