Connection issue EG25-G ATDT call

Hello I have an issue with module EG25-G. I have uploaded the module at last release Fw “Revision EG25GGBR07A08M2G”. When I try to call the module with ATDT command the module answer with RING RING RING RING ATH OK this cause a return NO CARRIER. With same SIM card I have done a test with module UC20 without any issue. Have you any ideas?


Do you want to use the EG25 module to make calls? ATD+ number; then check whether the antenna of the module is in good contact.

CSQ level is very good.
I can make a call using ATD+number the problem is that the module does not answer because +CLIP does not work as aspected. It seems that if I send to the module AT+CLIP=1 (that enables a called subscriber to get the calling line identity) the reply is correct 1,1 but the module does not work correctly. I never received during a call a ID number of number calling. Any experience on this?

I added more details here EG25G calling line identity

Use this software to test, hope it can help you(Qnavigator_V1.6.9.1).In addition, I have actually tested it, and I can see the other party’s number

Thanks I have done the test but I see the same difference. Please check the file attached.
If I call the EG25 by mobile phone the modem reply correctly +CLIP (logphone.pdf)
If I call the EG25 by external modem with ATD command the modem does not reply correctly + CLIP (logexternalmodem.pdf)

logexternalmodem.pdf (25.0 KB) logphone.pdf (31.7 KB)