Boot animation change for Androi13

Dear team I want to change Boot animation for SC200E in Android 13, I referred your solution for Android10 modifications in the forum but How to make my Boot animation as part of build?. there is no in the Android/vendor/qcom/proprietary/qrdplus/Extension/apps.

I’ll provide a guidance document latter.
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Thank you @KlineMiao (252.1 KB)
Please refer to this, I am also compiling the source code to verify it.

Dear @KlineMiao, thanks for the document.
I’ve tried as per document still; I can see Android logo.

I’ll provide another wany to change the boot animation latter.

dear @KlineMiao , Thanks for your support. but I’ve tried one approach and was able to modify the bootanimation with that, please let me know that is appropriate or no?

Created and placed it in QSSI /packages /apps/BootAnimation/
and under QSSI/device/qcom/qssi/
copy zip file to out/system/media.
+# Boot animation

  • packages/apps/BootAnimation/

please let me know your thought on this approach.

For my opinion,this approach is right, but for Android 13 we need compile both QSSI and UM.9.15 then build the super.img. You can try do this in the QSSI path first, if failed do this in the UM.9.15 path.

In the UM.9.15 patch, the mk file can use this:

Dear @KlineMiao,
previously I tried this with UM folder it did not work, so i added it in QSSI. I compiled UM, QSSI and generated Super image and verified on board. it is working.

OK, I’ll also verify this in my side