BG96 won't turn on


I bought a LTE IoT 2 Click devboad, which is integrated with a BG96 modul. (I know this might not be the porblem with BG96, but rather it could be an issue with the dev board, but I have to ask.)
I connected this dev board to a MCU with jumper cables (only the necessary pins - GND, VCC, RX, TX, and PWK), but I cannot turn on the BG96 with PWK pin. When I send a 500+ msec low level impulse to PWK, nothing happens afterwards.
I checked the sufficient voltage level is present on the dev board (3v3 - PWR LED light indicates it) and the MCU generated impulse is verified by measurement.

Moreover when place my hand too close to antenna (connector), random messages can be read through UART on MCU side, which shouldn’t be possbile.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi matekarolytoth

Sorry, based on your information, I can’t judge the problem enough. The attachment is the hardware reference design of BG96. I hope to help you. If the problem still exists, please send your schematic to A local FAE gives you support, thank you
Quectel_BG96_Reference_Design_Rev.A_20170814.pdf (861.3 KB)

Hello Puck,

Thank you for your answer, but the problem has already been solved.
I flagged the post/topic for moderation to be closed.

HI matekarolytoth,

pls tell me how did you solve your issue, i have a similar isssue, i have bg-96 device and it seems to power on its own after an hour or so, i cant seem to power it back on?
pls. advise?

Any ideas how to solve this problem?