MCU Pinout to BG96

I saw this post BG96 won't turn on and it turns out to be very helpful.
But, I need to be absolutely sure about how to pinout my eval mcu to BG96 eval. I was hoping you or one of the Quectel engineers could help me out further. By the way, great ref doc Quectel_BG96_Reference_Design_Rev.A_20170814.
My eng has the prototype pinned out as follows:

We will be using the UART interface to communicate and interface to the BG96MA

I need to verify that works and that it will function correctly with the BG96MA.
To do so, I am using software from mbed that I will use on an eval board from Cypress
CY8CPROTO-062-4343W PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping kit with a CY8C624ABZI-S2D44 MCU. Schematic:
CY8CPROTO-062-4343W Schematic.pdf (572.7 KB)

I need to pinout my CY8C624ABZI-S2D44 MCU to the proper pins on the BG96 eval board pictured below:

Which pins on the CY8CPROTO-062-4343W Schematic would you recommend I use to ensure that I verify the eng pinout and will adhere to the ref doc I read about on the page “MCU Interface”:
Quectel_BG96_Reference_Design_Rev.A_20170814.pdf (861.3 KB)

I am uncertain a bit on pinning out for a UART interface including control of the BG96MA and the Sim card. I see i2c and spi (mosi, miso, etc) and UART3 on this eval board but not able to find references to i2c or spi or UART3, in fact my engineer has the UART3 X’ed out. Part of my job is to ensure that the pinned board not only works correctly but will function properly with the BG96.

My plan: To use the mbed program that uses a cellular modem driver using an external IP stack (LWIP) and a standard (generic) specification 3GPP AT 27.007 AT commands to setup the cellular modem and register to the network. After registration, the driver opens a point-to-point protocol (PPP) pipe using LWIP with the cellular modem and connects to internet.

This driver currently supports only a UART data connection type between my cellular modem and MCU.

After setting up data connection, I will be connecting to AWS IoT Core and publishing sensor data using MQTT messages.


Hi @williawh

If I understand correctly, are you going to use the current EVB to connect the external MCU?
In order to better solve your problem, you can list the Q1.Q2…etc.

The EVB you are currently using is UMTS-EVB kit, some pins are not pinout, please refer to the attachment for the introduction.
UMTS&LTE-EVB_SCH_V2.2_160902.pdf (696.5 KB)

For BG96 quecopen we recommend using QUECOPEN EVB kit, please refer to the attachment for the introduction.
LTE OPEN-EVB_SCH_V1.pdf (844.3 KB)

Here are some documents you may want to refer to
Quectel_BG96-QuecOpen_GPIO_Mapping_Reference_V1.0_Preliminary_20181124.pdf (230.9 KB)
Quectel_BG96-QuecOpen_Hardware_Design_V1.2_Preliminary_20180404.pdf (1.6 MB)
Quectel_BG96_QuecOpen_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (988.5 KB)
Quectel_BG96-Quecopen_SPI_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (410.5 KB)

Yes, My plan is/was to interface my CY8CPROTO-062-4343W PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping kit MCU to the BG96MA MCU on the UMTS&LTE EVB_V2.2. I would accomplish this using a breakout board, needed pullup pulldowns, jumper wires, etc…

So what your saying is I do not have the correct EVB to accomplish what I want and you recommend using a different EVB which will help me accomplish what I want to do. Correct?

Having taken a quick look at the QuecOpen EVB, it states:

“QuecOpen is a method that the module is acting as the main processor. With the assistance of QuecOpenTM solution, hardware design and software design flow for wireless application will be simplified”

This is not the case with us. We are using the BG96MA as a redundant path for communication in case we loose our primary path of communication which is wireless.

BG96 will not be our main processor and will not be where the application resides so I am going to have to trust my engineer and the Quectel rep that recommended UMTS&LTE EVB_V2.2 and press on.

I am going to stick with the UMTS&LTE EVB_V2.2 and pin it out according to the schematic my engineer has given me. What I need and really haven’t found yet would be like Quectel_BG96_Reference_Design_Rev.A_20170814, and especially ones that explain in detail interaction and signals to the UART interface, to the SIMM inteface, SIM_CLK, SIM_IO, SIM_RST, pullups, pulldowns, etc. For example, when I am interfacing to various devices, I just get the datasheet. The datasheet details how to interface (pin to) device as well as whether it is a i2c, spi, or UART device, and then how to communicate and command the device using the registers, explaining resets, modes, etc.

Any technical docs, references that you can provide for UMTS&LTE EVB_V2.2 that would help me to interface and communicate and command BG96MA would be very much appreciated.


I’m creating a similar hardware project except I’m communicating to Azure.
For the BG96, I’m using the board.
This has the SIM interface built on.

I just communicate to the BG96 via a uart on a STM32 and use a couple of extra I/O lines for resetting the BG96, looking at the online pin etc.

This is all currently working and sending data to Azure via MQTT.

The USB interface is purely for testing and uploading of security tokens etc during manufacture.
The SIM card socket is on the underside of the BG96 module, so no additional design & interfacing in this area is required.


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@Leonardus Hi Leon, Could help comment on the HW design for BG96 QuecOpen,thanks.

Dear customer,
Dear Puck,
How come, the customer has Quecopen and asks us on the Forum ? This is not the regular way !

Dear customer,
Thank you for your confidence in Quectel products.
I recently changed responsibility and focus on GNSS and antenna systems now.
For a Hardware review: please use more official ways like contact FAE, e-ticket or quectel support.
We need full schematics in pdf not just a screenshot.
But before we can do a review, please study following documents:
Which you can download from:

Ok, but I always use forums, I find them very helpful. I was not aware of any “regular way” at Quectel… I wasn’t wanting a hardware review, I guess you could call it one if you want but I was just asking for confirmation and/or reference on pinouts to the BG96. Our FAE and my engineer have alread done that, I am not a hardware engineer I just give hardware life… I dont have QuecOpen I have UMTS&LTE EVB_V2.2, Puck recommended I use QuecOpen.

Thanks for the reference documents. I am sure they will help.



can you please share the source code of your implementation (Schmetic diagram also).
I am also developing the same scenario with reneses microcontroller .
i just need reference to implement it on my controller.

Thanks and Regards,
Bhavin Dhola