BG96 reconnection issue

I’m working on a bg96 sending data to and from an UDP server.

the issue i m encoutring is that the bg96 randomly intiate reselection procedure that can take up to 6min to reconnect to the network.although there is only one available cell.

it seems that the issue isnt related to the signal quality indicator(RSRP,RSSI,RSRQ) since the module is immobile and the signal quality seems to be stable.

i m using at+qeng=“servingcell” to check if it is camping on a cell.
I tried configuring it using:
that reduced the reconnection periode to ~100sec but it is still happening in a random fashion.

i also noticed that the command at+qcops=4,1 sometime show no availabe networks.
the powering off and then on make the module reconnect normally to the network in <10sec

what is the issue?

Hi Faouzi,

Are you using a roaming sim card? In roaming sceanario, module will search higher prority PLMN in 2mins/6mins/2hr. The timer depend on the sim provisioning. And CAT-NB band searching indeed takes a very long time.

Best Regards,

Hello Willie,

thanks for the answer.

the SIM I am using is not a roaming SIM.

AT+CIND? commande gives me: +CIND: 0,3,1,1,0,0,1,0
AT+QCFG=“roamservice” gives me : +QCFG: “roamservice”,1

So roaming is disabled.

Is there another reason causing this reconnection behavior ?

best Regards.

according to : What is the purpose of AT+QCFG="roamservice"?

Roaming service on bg96 module is always on. is that True?
the commands I mentionned in [BG96 reconnection issue] show that roaming service is off.

best regards.