BC660K-GL EPS Registration duration on new sim card

What is the max duration for the BC660K-GL to search for an operator, when privileged operator and frequency band are set to auto, having good coverage?

When the modem has detected a provider once, it will connect within 10s. Even after power off.
But after a provider/simCard exchange this takes at least 15min. Is this normal behaviour?

Make sure that you have a minimum frequency range to search.

I am based in Brazil, and I set the QBAND like this:


Band 28 for NB-IoT here in Brazil, reduces considerably the search time.
In the past, I was using more bands, and that took a quite long time.

To make sure about your case, you must go through your countryโ€™s frequency regulation to see what frequencies are allowed and so on.

Tip: if you are flashing your module every time, I recommend checking my suggestion here: faster network registration after reflashing

Thanks for the advice!
I optimized frequency range for Germany and got much faster connection.

These are the bands typicaly used worldwide:

// Frequency Bands โ€œ,<BAND_1>,<BAND_n>โ€

#define FREQUENCY_BANDS_AUTO โ€œ0โ€
#define FREQUENCY_BANDS_GERMANY โ€œ2,8,20โ€
#define FREQUENCY_BANDS_EUROPE โ€œ3,3,8,20โ€
#define FREQUENCY_BANDS_ASIA โ€œ3,3,8,28โ€
#define FREQUENCY_BANDS_NORTH_AMERICA โ€œ3,4,5,12โ€
#define FREQUENCY_BANDS_WORLD โ€œ7,3,4,5,8,12,20,28โ€