[BC660K] Is there a way to not loose cell information after flashing a new firmware?

We are under development of or firmware, and that requires a lot of flashing, testing, debugging, etc…

Every time we flash the firmware, we experience on average waiting 3 minutes until the module gets an IP from the network provider.

Is there a way to not erase the cell,band,etc, information during re-flashing? So we could save some time on this?

If you do not erase frequently, the module can save the history of the base station cell after registering the network

Yes, you are right. If I simply reboot, then the module gets the IP really fast.

But, since we are re-flashing often for development purposes, then it is taking around 3 minutes every time.

What is the purpose of performing the rebrush?

As I said, we are under development on our firmware.
So, we are (1) developing + (2) flashing + (3) testing for a particular part of the code, and these steps are happening quite often. And because of the (2) flashing, it takes time for us to start (3) testing.

If you have to do it repeatedly, there is no better way

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I found a way that seems to be keeping the cell information after reflashing the FW, here are the steps.

In normal case, these are the steps used to flash the firmware:

flashtoolcli1.exe --cfgfile  flash_download.ini --port="COM7" probe
flashtoolcli1.exe --skipconnect 1 --cfgfile flash_download.ini --port="COM7" flasherase 0x350000 0x54000
flashtoolcli1.exe --skipconnect 1 --cfgfile flash_download.ini --port="COM7" flasherase 0X3BB000 0x1000
flashtoolcli1.exe --skipconnect 1 --cfgfile flash_download.ini --port="COM7" burn

This will cause the module to erase (I suppose) the network information, and consequently, the module will take time to re-obtain such information after the startup (in my tests, around 3 minutes).

So, to avoid this 3 minutes wait, I am doing only the step 1 and 4 of the above commands, without requesting to erase:

flashtoolcli1.exe --cfgfile  flash_download.ini --port="COM7" probe
flashtoolcli1.exe --skipconnect 1 --cfgfile flash_download.ini --port="COM7" burn

And, the module after restart gets the IP address imediatelly. So, no need anymore to wait for the 3 minutes.

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