BC66 Unable to enter Light Sleep


I am trying to put my device on the Light Sleep mode when the main UART is not in use.

I am using AT+QSCLK=2 to enable light sleep mode. Also the atlocktime and initlocktime is set to 10 seconds in at+qcfg.

But even after 10 seconds of inactivity in the main UART, device won’t go to sleep mode.

The current version of firmware that I am using is BC66NBR01A11.

Any help regarding this will be greatly helpful.

Thank You.

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Do you understand the concept of light sleep? In light sleep, modules can enter PSM state, but not deepsleep state. If you perform AT+QSCLK=1, modules can enter deepsleep

Yes I understand what is Light sleep mode. I have tried to enter PSM state using AT+QSCLK command but How can I test If the device is in PSM state or Idle state. Since AT commands manual for BC66 implies that the device can be woken up by Main UART when device is in Light sleep. I don’t observe any changes in UART as AT commands that I send get responses immediately. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, modules can be wakeup from light sleep by the AT command;If the module is in a deep sleep, it cannot be awakened by the AT command. You need to trigger the wake by PSM_EINT;if you need enter PSM,which should execute

I tried all the commands that you suggested I am still not able to achieve PSM state with light sleep mode.
Is there any other configurations that I have to set?

Please check whether your SIM card and network support PSM,or you grab the debug log for analysis

Quectel_GENIE操作指导与参考(CN&EN).pdf (2.0 MB)

can u send me the lastest firmware & lastest AT_Command_Manual for RG500LEUAB-M28UGASA ? my email:en82wkdmlu@gmail.com @herbert.pan-Q

My network do provide the support for PSM, I know that as I was able to attain PSM state and light sleep mode when I was testing BC66 with a different firmware from what I am using now.

Currently I have a requirement for BC66-NA latest firmware and documentation also provide me the flashing tool with documentation. I will message you my mail Id.

It would be of great help if you can share me the firmware as soon as possible

Thank you.