BC66-NA Message Repetitions during Network attachment

Hello I have couple of basic questions ,

  1. I believe that during the UE attaches to the network, there is a number of messages sent for extended range. During the device being attached to network, how many max message repetition does BC66-NA support?
  2. Does the device support MT access by receiving paging (either in eDRX mode or in idle mode? )
  3. Can we verify BC66-NA capability messages like “accessStratumRelease-r13, or multiTone-r13 etc…

1、The number of retransmissions must be increased according to the current network environment, such as poor signal coverage, to ensure effective data transmission
2、Data can be sent or received in the idle state (DRX or eDRX), but the module enters the PSM or deepsleep state and cannot receive messages or data from the network
3、You can capture BC66 debug logs for analysis
Quectel_GENIE操作指导与参考(CN&EN).pdf (2.0 MB)

Hello @herbert.

Thanks for your reply,

  1. Is there a specific number of maximum number of transmissions or message repetitions allowed to the UE?
  2. Will MT access also be able to receive by method of paging? Assuming its in idle or eDRX mode.

Our application protocol is generally configured with a maximum of 5 retransmissions, and the network layer is determined by ECL.
Either DRX or eDRX in idle state can receive data normally in paging state, if the network is well supported