BC66 LwM2M Execute Resource argument list support

Does anyone know if BC66 will support argument list for execute resource?
Or is there any workaround? The object that I want to support has an execute resource that accept argument list like "0-=‘3600’,1=‘1’,2=‘UTC+10’, is there any way i could do this?

hi, Muhammad_Bin_Ahmad:
I don’t really understand your purpose through your description;
What do you plan to do or achieve with BC66?

Hi Herbert,

I want to support LwM2M object 10266 (Water Flow Readings). For this object there are multiple executable resources, some of which have argument.
For example, resource 6010 (Interval Change Configuration) requires mandatory argument(s) to be passed along to my application.

But for BC66, the “execute” URC doesn’t includes argument that is passed along from the server. I find this strange.

hi, Muhammad_Bin_Ahmad:
I can’t understand your real intention. The common business application protocols of BC66 are MQTT and LwM2M, please refer to the manual.
Quectel_BC66&BC66-NA_LwM2M_Application_Note_V2.1.pdf (1.4 MB)
Quectel_BC66&BC66-NA_MQTT_Application_Note_V2.0.pdf (3.7 MB)

Hi Herbet,

In LwM2M standard https://www.openmobilealliance.org/release/LightweightM2M/V1_0_2-20180209-A/OMA-TS-LightweightM2M-V1_0_2-20180209-A.pdf, “Execute” resource should support argument passing(last row):

But from the manual Quectel_BC66&BC66-NA_LwM2M_Application_Note_V2.1.pdf part 4.3.5, the URC sent to host for “Execute” request does not include any arguments parameter passed from server:

+QLWURC: “execute”,<messageID>,<objectID>,<instanceID>,<resourceID>

Is Quectel going to support this arguments parameter? I need to use this feature in my design.

hi, Muhammad_Bin_Ahmad:
Through your description, I can understand you want to pass the custom of the realization of the function of the corresponding applications, but our corresponding IOT module docks specific platform(such as t-mobile IOT), if custom platform to support the corresponding object, instance, resources, etc., that your idea is possible, so you should carefully read the definition of the IOT platform related objects, the instance.

Hi Herbert

Are you saying BC66 modem only support t-mobile IOT implementation?
Is BC66’s LwM2M support incomplete and useless if user wants to connect to other LwM2M platform?

Quectel_BC66&BC66-NA_NB-IoT_Module_Introduction_V2.9.pdf (3.3 MB)

From the pamphlet it seems like the development is ongoing:

So please fix this issue, it is from LwM2M standard itself. And it is not really a hard fix.
As highlighted above, please read the LwM2M standard:
OMA-TS-LightweightM2M-V1_0_2-20180209-A.pdf (3.1 MB)