Bad work Quectel EM160R-GL in MBIM/QMI mods

Primary 2×2 MIMO Antenna Pair:
M = Main. This is your first and main antenna connection port.
D/G = Diversity. This is your secondary antenna connection port (alternatively, the gps antenna can be connected to this connector.

Secondary 2×2 MIMO Antenna Pair
M1 = Main. This is the main port for the secondary pair.
M2 = Diversity. This is the Diversity antenna port for the secondary pair.


please tell me the link where to download the firmware EM160RGLAUR02A07M4G

Do you have an Engineering Sample or production version? The reset problem seems to only occur in production models. The engineering sample models work perfectly.

I had a production version, I’ve already sent it back to the supplier.

Do you know where I can find an Engineering Sample?

Thanks for your feedback!

Most of them are pretty much bought up at this point since we are starting to see production versions. PM sent.

I also have the production version and experience the reset problem. I would like to know if the engineering sample is still available?

EM160 Engineering Sample

what firmware do you have?

Thats odd. I wonder if it’s one of the last Eng samples made. Seems to be that first production shipment that has the issue. (I don’t know of any production version without the issue though) What firmware? Thank you for sharing!

Any chance where I could buy an engineering sample, because my production module has the issue?

Same problem with 05 and updated 07. My serial is about 135 number after a verified working engineering sample. So it has to be a serial number under #100 or so to be sure that is an old patch of this modem. I’m in contact with quectel aasistance but i don’t think they know what a huge bug (i think it’s hardware) has new production of em160.
What i have to say, honestly, is that problem is not so frequent in this moment. I have module from 10 days and bug was seen about 5 or 6 times and it takes about 10 seconds to back in “link up”

Yeah, from what I have seen so far it’s a Hardware issue. There’s going to be a lot of warranty claims lol

…well that is if Quectel accepts this as a mass issue :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:

S/N below 100 you say? Interesting…I’ll let you know what my findings are. ^-^

In the meantime, who has an Engineering Sample working perfectly above last 3 S/N 100?

Hey that eng sample you got that has issues. What equipment and power supply? How many amps?

Enough. 24v 30w
I don’t trust Story that is a voltage or power issue

What are the amps? Em160 needs at least 3amps, how much does the device it’s in take? I got SN 050 with issues.

I know a lot of people that use 1 amp to make it work with out problem. It’s not a power issue.
But Current is dipendent from voltage. P=i x v so if i have 30w at 24v the amp will be 1.25 that is an huge amount for 5v that module use. Someone say that issue is becouse voltage is low but is low also for the old module. I don’t know wich problem has em160 but I’m still waiting someone of quectel that say they are working to solve but nothing from them

Yeah I didn’t think it was a power issue, I’ve had engineering samples work fine in a WG3526 in a mPCI to m.2 on a 12v 2amp adapter. I have one of these on the way though to rule it out…

To other costumer with 160 issue Quesctel said that module have to work at 3.7v instead of 3.3v but i don’t know what we can use to make it work on 3.7v

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Till now after downgrade to V05 and new upgrade to V07 no issue from 30 hours