AT Commands not working on EC25 module

I am using the EC25E module with an STM32 Microcontroller via the Main UART. But when I send AT commands through the UART, it has no response. The AT commands have no effect on the EC25E module. How can I solve this problem? I have selected the baud rate 115200.

Dear Ashish,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Could you help to provide more information about your issue?
Whether you have design level match between module UART interface and your MCU UART interface, as you know that module UART interface level is 1.8V, if it is not matched with MCU UART, you should design a mlevel match circuit. Then it is better to check whether the module have power on normally. Thanks!

With minicom on linux, you should activate local echo to get an output.
You can also put this option into etc/minirc.dfl, like so :

# Machine-generated file - use setup menu in minicom to change parameters.
pu port             /dev/ttyUSB2
pu localecho        Yes

I hope this resolves your issue.

This may also be of help.

You can also crosscompile atinout, great little binary
Then there is no need of minicom etc.

Got this running on Android