AT commands to EC25-E

Hi, Im unsure how I connect to my EC25-E modem to send AT commands, I have it in a 1. Sixfab 3G-4G/LTE Base Shield v2 connected to a raberry pi via usb. I have a working SIM that is connecting fine. IM just unsure the process for sending AT commands is it via minicom? Thanks

Yes, minicom should be fine. Sixfab is the place for all you need in this case.
By the way, the module I have connects automatically to my network whenever I power it up and the linux modem manager does all the job. Should be the same on raspbian on the Pi, given you have these tools installed.
A google search is enough. Don’t get this wrong but, try to study a little bit and try everything you can before asking for questions. :stuck_out_tongue:
Have you tried to use it with a sim card?
I’ve read in a manual from Quectel that the sim card is mandatory to get some commands to work.

Same as this Question

Give atinout a try no need of telnet/minicom
I also use the same shield from sixfab, works Great.

I use a RockPi instead a Raspberry due lac of emmc or pci-e slot, sdcard is way to slow.