Android NTRIP client + LC29H


Is there a way to use android NTRIP client with LC29h?
I have LC29H connected with HC-05 bluetooth<->UART adapter.
I can get GPS location through that setup.

I’m using public NTRIP server ( ).
ublox working without a problem.

Is there a new firmware?

Hi Mirkoj,

  1. Can you provide detailed model of your LC29H? You can find it on the sheilding case. I want to make sure you have RTK supported model.

  2. Is the correction data from NTRIP server injected to LC29H through UART port?

  3. Can you provide message type from NTRIP server? If you can’t judge what the types are, you can capture correction data from NTRIP server and send them to me via message.
    LC29H series supported RTCM3 message is shown below:

Best regards.


Thank you for your reply.

  1. Its LC29HAMD module.

  2. yes. data from ntrip is injected through uart port.
    but it doesn’t work with qgnss application eather.

  3. have no idea what message type is from ntrip server :confused:
    can I capture ntrip data in qgnss?


Hi Mirko,

I am afraid you didn’t select a RTK supported model. LC29HA is a standard dual-band module which don’t support RTK. LC29HD(1Hz update rate) and LC29HE(10Hz update rate) support RTK.

You can ask sale to exchange your module for a RTK-supported model.

You can have message type in “Mount point details”.

Best regards.

thank you for clarification.

someone sells this model as RTK module


Hi Mirkoj,

Please take a photo of your module. I will double check the code on the sheild case.

Best regards.

my bad! its LC29HD(amd) :sunny:

mount point details in attached picture.

Hi Mirkoj,

These mount points are okay for LC29HD.

May I ask about your test environment? It is advised to test in open sky. Because the module must get a relatively accurate position, then it can improve accuracy to Fix mode through RTK correction data.

Best regards.

currently antenna is on the roof. Its under clear sky.

There is no RTK fix/float :frowning:

did you update firmware lately?

@Raphael-Q ,

have any idea how to make it work?

best regards


Hi Mirkoj,

Please check firmware version in LC29HDA by sending $PQTMVERNO*58

Please check if module keeps outputing
$PQTMTXT,1,01,01,03,This version is not licensed, please contact FAE.*7C

If you have this message in Text data window, please follow activating procedure querying device ID and send to me.
I will send you latest firmware and activating procedure by message.

Open Text data window to monitor the output from module: View → Text data

Sending command in Command console window:

Best regards.

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I did query PQTMVERNO*58 but there is no “$PQTMTXT,1,01,01,03,This version is not licensed, please contact FAE.*7C” message in text data. So, it’s activated?

Hi Mirkoj,

The response for $PQTMVERNO*58 should be like this:

Or you can reset the module. It will output firmware version while start up, like this:

If neither of them succeeds in getting the version, you can download the latest firmware to the module.

And if you have “$PQTMTXT,1,01,01,03,This version is not licensed, please contact FAE.*7C”, please follow the activating procedure I sent you.

Best regards.

there is no reply for PQTMVER… query… :confused:
-------------- i managed -------
there is no reset button on that board so I can’t upload new firmware. Can you tell what pins I should connect to reset board? → short pins RESET and GND for at least 1second.

firmware is updated.

and… its working? :smiley:
Snimka zaslona 2023-12-08 193424

now i get result:“$PQTMVERNO,LC29HDANR11A01S_RSA,2023/03/02,12:43:3921" for "$PQTMVERNO58” query.

Hi Mirkoj,

You can connect RST needle to GND for at least 50ms, then you will reset the module.

Did you see “$PQTMTXT,1,01,01,03,This version is not licensed, please contact FAE.*7C” ?
If no, that means activated.
If yes, you can send me your module device ID through message.

Best regards

yep… i find it out how to reset.

it’s working. RTK (with ntrip) is working.

thank you for assistance!

Im having the same problem with the exactly same board.(LC29HDA)
Can you send me the updated firmware!?

Hi Trecuu,

Please query for your current firmware by sending $PQTMVERNO*58 to the module.

You can download QGNSS tool from this link: New tab (

QGNSS is a useful tool for debugging on Quectel modules.

Best regards.

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I got no answer about firmware version when I send this, or even reset the module.