Wrong UART in M35

I try to connect arduino with M35 . in datasheet RX pin is 21 and TX pin is 22 but when i connect this way

M35 RX -------Arduino TX
M35 TX --------Arduino Rx

Its not working …
But in this way its working :

M35 RX -------Arduino RX
M35 TX --------Arduino TX

Whats wrong?

Hi Spectervfx2:
The RXD pin number is 22 and the TXD pin number is 21:

Thank you for your reply . I found this wrong pin in M35 datasheets . Could you give me correct pinout for M26 too . I want to design it directly on pcb . Do you have any advise ?Has M35 and M26 big difference ?
do you have link for M35 and M26 footprints?

Could you please tell me the specfic version of the M26 module?

I see this words on them

The M26FB module only has the Chinese version of the HD document.The pin diagram is as follows:

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Thanks for your help .:tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip:

I notice M66 and M26 has same pinout . Currently im not access to M26 so i check it with M66 . Unfortunately in M66 FB Tx and Rx pins are wrong in data sheet . Im confused . I want to do same thing with M26 and change Rx and Tx pins . I want to design it on many pcbs. could you confirm it …

Do you mean you want the pin diagram of M66?If yes, please tell me the specific version of the M66 module

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Yes . M66 FB please . Thank you.

You can refer to the document below:

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Could you give me m26FB datasheet and whats mean of FB and FA?

The M26FB module only has the Chinese version of the HD document.
Quectel_M26_R1.1_硬件设计手册_V1.1.pdf (1.1 MB)
FA and FB belong to different baseline versions and PA is not the same, the function is basically the same.

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Thank you for help . M26 support SSL ?

Hi Spectervfx2:
Please give me the software version of your module(You can use ATI to check).