Working of SleepMode and power management in BC65

Hello Team,
I am trying to enable sleep mode in BC65 board using Ql_SleepEnable() function. But I am not able to put the device in sleep mode. Can you please guide how can I use this function to put device in sleep mode.
Is there any document or example code for sleep mode and power management, please share it.
Thank You

The SDK folder should contain relevant documentation, please refer to; If you enable sleep mode, the module needs to wait for the right conditions to enter

Thanks for your reply, i have been through the documentation but I have few queries,
Does using deepsleep register api puts other modules like uart, spi, i2c etc puts into sleep? How much does it take to go into actual sleep mode and wakeup? Any sequence require to enter into deep sleep mode?

I don’t think I can answer your more vague issue, I think you can use our standard solution (not SDK), debug the module into deep sleep

can you give me any link for that (5.2 MB)
Please burn this firmware version via debug tx/rx
then,by main tx/rx to debug

ok, thank you. ill inform you back

i have tested the above versions on my device, it gives me 31.21 mA current. Is it expected sleep current or it should be less than 31.21 mA ??

Please provide your log and screenshots

Because I’m a new user here, I’m unable to attach a log file. I have attached a photo of my screen. Please tell me how should I send the log file.
I have one more query, “Device is taking a time of min 5 minutes to go to sleep. Is it the time that device took to go to sleep mode, or it should be less than that ?”

i am getting this error on website.

Please save your log and upload it