With only 6 values for MQTT client id EC25 is AWS IoT communication viable?


I want to establish a MQTT connection to AWS IoT using EC25, however the MQTT specification for the EC25 says:

<client_idx> Integer type. MQTT client identifier. Range: 0–5

Does this mean I can only have 6 concurrent devices connected to my broker ? Is there any workaround ?

By the way, is it even possible to connect to AWS IoT using EC25 MQTT AT commands ? Does it comply with the Server Name Indication (SNI) TLS extension rfc3546#section-3.1, security certificates, signatures and such ?


Sorry, the module only supports six sockets at most. AWS connection is supported, which can be linked with reference documents.
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Does this mean I can only have 6 concurrent EC25 devices connected to a broker ?

Hello everyone,

This means that if I want to give connectivity to a fleet of devices (100 for example), I must establish sub groups of 6 devices to not overlap client ids and go changing the credentials to the broker?