Windows Setup - 3x RM500Q-AE Modem in same Machine


I have a Windows machine with three RM500Q-AE modems. They’re recognized in the device manager and respond to AT commands, but they won’t connect to the network or acquire an IP address.

Serial numbers and firmware:

  • 867197051081590
  • 867197051083165
  • 867197051082291
  • Firmware: RM500QAEAAR11A03M4G

Could you provide a different driver or instructions to enable the connection?

Urgent assistance needed. Thanks!

I’m using PCI board for connecting each modem to the motherboard

Dear @tabarane
Why did you cannect 3 moduel? Did you try with only one module?


I’ve successfully managed to connect three modems, and they are now functioning. However, two issues have arisen:

  1. Modem Connectivity and IP Issue:
  • Modem 2 connects automatically and acquires an IP address without any problems.
  • Modem 1, however, is encountering difficulties connecting.It appears that when all modems are disabled and then enabled individually, all three modems connect as expected.
  1. APN Configuration on Windows 11:
  • As I am using Windows 11, I’m encountering a challenge. There isn’t an apparent method to configure the Access Point Name (APN) details, such as the APN name, username, or password for the modem.
  • I possess access to AT commands, but I’m uncertain about how to proceed with making the necessary changes.

These issues are causing a hindrance to my desired connectivity. I’m seeking guidance and assistance in resolving these matters effectively. Thank you for your assistance.