Windows IoT Core Driver for ARM and ARM64

just inquiry Windows Driver for ARM/ARM64 architecture version
our have some project to integration your windows driver(x64) with EC20/EC25
on Windows IoT Core x64 platform success

 but your windows universal driver only support x86/x64 architecture version.
 could your provide an ARM/ARM64 architecture version for me 
 to try integration the driver on Windows IoT Core ARM/ARM64 architecture

Hi kunyichen,
At present, our company has not released a formal Windows driver version for the ARM / ARM64 architecture. You can contact your local FAE to tell him your detailed usage scenarios and let him communicate with development colleagues.


I’d like to second kunyichen’s suggestion. I have a similar, prototype development project based on a ARM64 version Windows 10. It would be nice if your company provides a ARM/ARM64 compatible USB serial driver.