Windows 11 USB Drivers for EG915U-EU and UMTS&LTE-EVB-KIT

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has the proper drivers for the devices in question (EG915U-EU and UMTS&LTE-EVB-KIT)? The old EG series drivers don’t seem to work on Windows 11.


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I will send it to you over email.

Dear Bean,
I’m facing this same issue on Windows 10. Could you please share the updated windows 10 drivers for EG915U?

Dear Bean,
I’m also facing this issue on windows 11. Could you please send me the drivers for EG915U?

Hello I’m facing same problems - please provide the drivers if possible

I have the same problem on windows 10, I need the drivers, can anyone help me?

@Pawel_Sowinski @Caio_Tavares1 @joaocarlosroxcode

The driver could be used for

EC200U EC600U EC800U EG912U EG915U

Hi dear @Bean.Wang-Q,
The following things didn’t worked for me, i tried on different computers and the best thing i had was a “CDC Ethernet Control Modle (ECM)” driver’s missing.
I also have troubles with my connection to networks, but first can you help me with the drivers please ?
I thank you for the time you will spend in my goals.
best regards

On Windows, you could set the EG915U-EU in RNDIS mode by sending AT


It doens’t change anything on my system and just return “OK”.

If so, it could not be used on Windows.

Thanks for your respond, i’m disappointed but i accept, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

hi @Bean.Wang-Q this above link is broken. Could you please repost it.