Windows 11 usb driver for RM520N-GL

Hi Herbert,
can you please send me the latest windows 11 usb driver for the quectel RM520N-GL? i’ try this:
Quectel_LTE&[]( ,
but it doesn’t even start installing the files (after starting the executable, after a few seconds the installation procedure closes without having installed anything).

I also need these drivers to be able to install the latest firmware available ( A06) . Thank you.

I have sent it to your email, please check

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can I get the Windows 11 drivers as well for the RM520N-GL? BTW. Quectel’s “Downloads” page is broken on Edge and Chrome. I never loads.

Also, it’s silly that there’s not just links to these in the forum. Is there a reason that you only email these to people instead of just posting links?

pls download again,I have re-sent it to you

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Worked perfectly. Thanks!

Just a note to others that might be trying to solve this. The drivers in V2.2.4 referenced above do NOT work on Windows 11. The Quectel_Windows_USB_Driver(Q)_NDIS_V2.3.3 drivers that @herbert.pan-Q can provide do work.

I have tried everything NDIS, MBIM drivers can’t get this RM520N-GL to work tried AT Commands to switch between NDIS and MBIM drivers load correctly in device manager but no modem appears under network adapters so Windows doesn’t know a cellular modem is present. I’m about to give up and order a different card maybe it’s just Windows 11 tried multiple pc’s as well same exact issue. Tried two different USB to M.2 B key adapters as well one by Waveshare supposed to work. The only thing I haven’t done is the cards firmware.

Update. Working now the adapter was in PCIE mode not USB after change everything is working correctly.

AT Commands.
AT+QCFG=“data _interface”,1,0 PCIE MODE
AT+QCFG=“data _interface”,0,0 USB MODE

Can you send me the drivers for Windows 11

Could you send me the link?

HI Herbert, please email me the current WIndows 10 and Windows 11 drivers for the RM530N-GL.
Is there a driver for Android 13 for the RM530N-GL that works via OTG? If so, please include it.

I have sent them to you

Dear Herber,

I also need the windows 10 & 11 drivers for the RM530N-GL. Could you send me , please?



I have sent it to you,an you try


I think I may have the same problem.

I’m trying to connect an EC200U-CN module on a UMTS&LTE-EVB-KIT.

But it looks like Windows 11 can’t find the drivers. And the ones that have come with the kit are for Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Please help!


I have sent it to you,an you try