Windows 11 Drivers and Firmware for RM500Q-GL


I just received my RM500Q-GL and would like to get started with it.

I am using Windows 11 and my Device Manager does not detect the device


Can someone help me find the following:

  • USB drivers for Windows 11
  • latest Quectel RM500Q-GL firmware



The driver has been sent to your email, please check, the firmware version needs to provide your current firmware


I currently have firmware version RM500QGLABR11A04M4G.

Can you send me any updated firmware version?


I have sent it to your email, please check

I received the firmware. Thanks for the quick response!

@herbert.pan-Q Hello, I also have a RM500Q-GL with the same firmware version (RM500QGLABR11A06M4G), can you send me the Windows 11 driver and the latest firmware of this module too?

Thanks in advanced!

At present, we do not have an independent driver for Win11, if you can not use the installation, please replace the Win10 computer to try

Thanks, I also have devices with Windows 10 installed. So how should I get the driver for Windows 10 for RM500Q-GL? @herbert.pan-Q

I have sent it to your email, please check

@herbert.pan-Q Receive that and the driver works well on my WIndows 10 Laptop! Just one more question, current my RM500QGLAB-M20-SGASA module has the firmware version RM500QGLABR11A06M4G . Is this firmware up to date or can I get any updated firmware here?

This is the current release of the latest firmware version

@herbert.pan-Q Hello
I also have a piece of RM500Q-GL but no driver
Could you please send me the driver for win10?
thanks !

I have sent it to your email,please check

If there is any problem, I will report back

I need a driver for Windows for my RM500Q-AE. Can you please email it to me? Thank you!

Hi there, I also own the RM500Q-AE.
Could you send me the win10 drivers and latest firmware per mail?
This would be great. Thanks a lot.

Can u please share the windows 11 drivers for RM500Q-GL modem. My modem is able to connect with 5G network not able to connect to the internet service.

I have sent it to your email,please try it

求移远500Q GL驱动文件 邮箱 您能否将win10的驱动程序

I have sent it to your email,please try it