Will the LC79D standalone provide the GST NMEA message with statistical error info?

Right now, only 6 NMEA messages are provided according to v1.0 of the specification (RMC, GGA etc),
but not GST.
GST is the only message with the estimated error on the position in meter.

Sorry, I would like to suggest that you could try to contact local sales or FAE to querry the content about NMEA messages in future versions.

If there is some inconveniences to contact them, you could inform me of that and I will do my best to find latest specification of LC79D.

If you have any other problem, please feel free to inform me, I will support you continually.

I second this request. LC79D is aiming for better-precision applications and GST could help.
Or at least simple accuracy in meters similar to hacc field in UBX-NAV-PVT message from u-blox M8.

I agree with you and we will considere your suggestion in our future upgrade.

Best wishes!