Which modules support the consumer model (LPA)?

Hello, could I get a list of modules that support the consumer model as specified by the GSMA in this document https://www.gsma.com/esim/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/esim-whitepaper.pdf on page 9 please?

Thank you very much!

as your said , The customer mode including 4 parts ( SM-DP +SM-DS +LP+EUICC) ,

normally , most of the quectel module ( support SM-DP +SM-DS +EUICC) , but for LPA part , there is no release fw version now , if need , we can send the beta version to you.( only BG95 and EC21 )

Hello Stephen,
I’m also interested in this topic. I have BG95 M2 and M3 variants. Can you point me to the beta FW versions?

Another related question. Does Quectel have “modem + eSIM + LPA” bundle product?

could you send me one, too,thanks

Hello Stephen,

Currently we are trying to implement consumer grade eSIM on a EG25-G.
Therefore we need to implement the LPA by our self. As I understand there is support for the EC21. Is it possible you send the firmware and related information for beta testing?



Hello Stephen, hello Wouter,

We are also interested in getting consumer eSIM on EG25-G. Was there any progress?