Which is best GSM&NBIoT Module with OPenCPU module

Hi Experts,
Currently, i am working on MC60 Module then we want to update our design with NBIoT so if you have any suggestions kindly let us know
our requirements:
1.The module must support an open CPU Solution
2.The module can operate GSM and NBIoT bandwidths, GPS/Bluetooth support is an added advantage but not compulsory.
3. Low power Consumption during a data transmission time


Hello, sir, you can go to this website to view some of our company’s products and services. We have some proprietary NB-LOT modules, Among them, there are two modules that support Open cpu: BC28 and BC26,This information hopes to be helpful to you.

BC66 ( OpenCPU ), BG96, BG95, BG77 ( ThreadX )
Tested and work very good

Hello sir, to be precise, the modules you mentioned belong to the CAT-M series.Can support NB network and CAT-M network,Thank you very much for your answers.

Hi @WizIO
Thanks for the suggestions, how can i do that ThreadX myself, i know only the open CPU method, I am looking for 2G and NBIoT modules with Open CPU because we don’t know how many days takes to launching NBIoT bands in India.