Which 2 antenna ports for mmWave on RM530N-GL?

I saw distributors have started offering RM530N-GL as drop-in for RM520N-GL with mmWave support. If I were to buy two Ka-band high-gain horn antennas to leverage the 2x2 MIMO for mmWave, which 2 ports (out of the 4) should they go on?

With only 1 antenna is there a particular single port that’s recommended? Let me know also if there is a design guide or other additional documentation.

Dear @CoolNum
I have sent it to you via Message, please check.

Thank you! To summarize for others reading this thread, RM530N-GL has separate pins for mmWave; mmWave doesn’t go over ANT0-3. Also, mmWave must first be translated into IF (intermediate frequency) by an antenna module before input into RM530N-GL, so it’s not possible to directly connect Ka-band horn antennas to RM530N-GL pins with a small rework. A new host board with an IF frequency converter would be needed to use external antennas.

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