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Where to find the firmware for ec25-e

where to find the firmware for ec25-e?

Hello 11119, thanks for your question
You can execute the ATI command to query the current version number of the module, and then send an email to You are welcome to provide your company name and email address. We will release the EC25-E firmware package via email, thank you.

ATI commands not working what can i do


  1. I loaded the code using open Linux to the EC25 module.

  2. Now the same module we need to interface with the microcontroller through the UART port.

  3. Module internal code and AT commands through UART are not run simultaneously.

  4. We need to make the module a new module. For that, we need to upgrade with updated new firmware files.

  5. We don’t have the firmware files. Where can i get firmware files fo EC25-E module. Which tool i need to use for upgrading the Firmware.