Where to buy genuine Quectel modems (RM502Q-AE)

I would like to buy a Quectel RM502-Q-AE but I have only seen it on sale on Aliexpress. Apparently it is not uncommon to receive fake modems, and verifying authenticity is not as simple as with other type of devices.
Is there a recommended Aliexpress seller or an online store I am missing? Thanks


Thanks, but it does not seem possible to purchase the modem from there. Could you please suggest a trusted seller on ebay, aliexpress, etc?

You can try searching for this module on eBay as we have many agents all over the world

if you search on ebay for “quectel modem” you’ll get less than 20 results, none of them selling the RM502.

Aliexpress seems the only option.
Which of these Aliexpress sellers is an official agent of Quectel?:

You choose the price you agree to buy through AliExpress agents, you can download the relevant technical information through our official website or ask questions through the forum.